Below please find information about our field trials.

Seed treatment with micro nutrient in spring barley

HS Konsult AB in Örebro. Yield in 2 trials 2017

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Trials with NoroTec Manganese

NoroTec Manganese is often best in trials in Sweden, Denmark, France and England compared to other manganese formulations.
NoroTec Manganese has better compatability and storage capacity. In this our latest manganese trial NoroTec easy matches double dose nitrate.

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Uptake of manganese in the plant

If you set the uptake relatively to 100 % with NoroTec Manganese, the uptake of nitrate is about 60 % and carbonate 25 %.

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Swedish trials

NoroTec Manganese is a patented product, which is best in test in 3-year trial in barley with severe deficiency.

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HS manganese trial

Extra yield in kg / added gram at the spraying. NoroTec Manganese is almost 4 times more effective than nonorganic manganese salts.

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Micro nutrients in Canola

Trials with HS Malmöhus.
One spraying made at stem elongation.

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NoroTec Potato

NoroTec Potato in trial 2010. Treatment made at tuber formation and significantly more tubes.

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Trial in France

Trial with NoroTec Manganese and Universal in barley.

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Seed treatment trial in barley, SLU Gotland.

Norotec Manganese and Manganese/Cupper 2010.

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Trial with PEU, Copenhagen University.

PEU-measurements on Mn-treated leaves, Copenhagen University, August 2014, Professor Sören Hustedt

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