The best treatment effect and growing economy

Climate smart both in producing and in using.

Climate smart

NoroTec Manganese restores a manganese deficiency in the crop with only 1/5 part of raw material compared with inorganic preparations such as manganese nitrate and manganese sulfate. These commodities must therefore be shipped 5 times more, for example, from mines in India and Mexico, to achieve the same result.
Furthermore, after the manufacturing process, farmers is forced to handle double volumes to plant protection stocks and syringes, for example manganese nitrate, which is, from the climate and environmental point of view, very disadvantageous.


We have established cooperation with universities and researchers to develop products that will provide added value for farmers, food producers and consumers. The projects started are showing up very interesting potentials. As we are a private owned, independent company, we welcome collaboration with all partners.

NoroTec™ Technology

Read about the technology behind NoroTec Micronutrients – Intelligent state-of-the-art formulations in the service of the environment and growers. Download or read on your screen.

NoroTec Technology

Focus on pH

Optimum pH in most tank mixtures is 5 to 6. To achieve this, a pH lowering is required if you have hard water, which is common. Liquid Boron (Borethanolamine) has the inconvenience of raising the pH in the spray liquid. NoroTec now recommends that each liter of Liquid Boron is compensated with 0.3 liters of LMI's Effect + in the spray liquid. Otherwise the other micronutrients uptake gets weakened. The pH value should not exceed 6, and the boron should preferably be added last to the syringe.

To the left: manganeseoxide has fallen out at a pH over 7. To the right: Effekt+ has stabilised the mixture.